This blog is about the Native American Duwamish people, their rich culture and history, and where they are today.

The Story of the Duwamish


The Duwamish People are represented by the Killer Whale,               the Eagle, and the Raven.

The Killer Whale symbolizes that they were people of the sea. In the carving the ovoid of the whale’s eye represents the Duwamish people.

The Eagle was the ruler of the sky, and this representation depicts the high level of respect that was demonstrated by the Duwamish people for the ruler.

The Raven is a representation of the vast knowledge of the Duwamish people and their teachings. The ovoid in the carving of the raven’s eye tells of the Duwamish people saving the white man from starvation and death, while teaching them how to live off of the lands on their own.



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